Read the testimonies of individuals connected to our congregation, as they share about how God has worked in their lives.

Ronnie MacDonald

Following is a brief excerpt from Ronnie MacDonald’s testimony, focused on how he came to faith in the Lord Jesus. Ronnie was one of our elders in West Mains Church, but has now moved to another area of Scotland. If you would like to read the full version of his testimony click here.

After emigrating to South Africa in 1975, I worked as a machine-shop inspector. I worked alongside a young black man named Melvyn, who was a Christian. Melvyn told me that I needed to be born again and accept Christ as my Saviour and he continued to encourage me to believe.

Eventually this led to me feeling convicted of my guilt before God, in late 1977. I was gripped by an overwhelming sense of the majesty and holiness of Almighty God; seeing myself for the first time in my life as a vile, unclean creature before an infinitely holy God. I found a place to be alone, and with tears running down my face I asked the Lord to forgive my many sins and cleanse me in the blood of Christ.