Open Invitation

News/Events on , 2019

As a congregation we warmly invite any who are looking for a church, to contact us or to come along on a Sunday.  Families with young children are very welcome.  We believe that families are a significant blessing to the church.  Don’t worry about your kids distracting folk during services, because as a church which has a love for families, we love to have children in our services, and involved with our Sunday School and our Creche.  We currently have 3 families with young children in our fellowship and would love to see more.

We also have a love for our community and we are seeking further ways in which we can be a blessing to the community in our local area. If the Lord has put a desire in your heart to be involved with a church that seeks to be a community church, then please feel free to contact us, or to come along to one of our services or events.

We give a warm invitation to people from West Mains and the surrounding areas to come along.  And for any who may live a bit further away, you are also very warmly invited to come along.

There is also a warm welcome for any who used to come to church but who maybe haven’t been to church for a while.  You are always welcome.  Wherever you are on your journey, we would be delighted to have you journey with us as we seek to know more of Jesus in our lives.